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Our Technology

A couple of years ago, Somundy Enterprises recognized the potential of industrialized construction. Combining the growing preference towards the use of Lightweight Steel with this change in construction methodology, Somundy has been at the forefront of these developments and began to improve a new construction philosophy by providing affordable, fast and efficient alternatives in the market.

Due to this and the enormous adaptability of the steel structures, their commercialization is not limited to small portable structures, but also to constructions a little bigger. All this in order to generate efficient production, have a moderate investment and generate significant returns for our customers.

Our objectives are to provide only the highest quality product and complete customer satisfaction. These goals are incorporated into everything we do, and are included in a comprehensive plan to deliver the very best housing product that is consistent with our standards of quality and the needs and resources of our customers. In short, we seek a level of customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations.

Such a commitment is possible through the total dedication of the entire Amsteel International team and is inherent in all aspects of our operations from the smallest detail of construction to the most complex challenges of project financing. In order to better serve our customers, we continually strive to improve our products and processes, using only the best contemporary materials and the most efficient procedures.

Somundy Mobile

Somundy mobile or portable factory, is a factory of autonomous production. The advantages of the Somundy mobile plant are numerous starting with the complete elimination of the overhead costs incurred in the operation of a fixed factory, as well as allowing the creation of panels and reinforcements in order to reduce transportation costs and time, less equipment of production and much more can offer this innovative mobile structure. These are just some of the notable benefits that Somundy’s mobile factory can generate for our customers

Small Medium Factory

Somundy’s medium factories are able to adapt to the needs of the client and the space available thanks to a small factory configuration. This is usually accompanied by our «C» and «U» and our profiling machine «M». In this way our customers find that in many cases the addition of a paneling and a truss board will help maximize the production performance of the factory to get the most out of the space. The benefit of a factory of this size is that you have the possibility of adding the pieces that best suit your needs since there is no fixed formula to establish a factory of this nature. The Somundy Factory Systems allow you to do just that.

Large Scale Factory

A full-size factory set up by Somundy Enterprises is a complete “one-stop shop” for all your needs of light steel frame. Starting with a roll forming machines that produce the C / U and M profiles, used in the assembly of all the panels and beams. And all the machines for cutting of coils and production of sheet of rib lath.

Amsteel International is committed to serving the people of the world by providing affordable, quality housing. We specialize in the design, financing, transportation, construction, and finishing of steel frame homes through our distributor and worldwide franchising organizations.
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