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International social house construction

Affordability Social Housing

Affordable Houses: Simple, Decent and Affordable. Whether in the United States, Canada or in more than 80 other countries around the world, houses are built according to the same guiding principles.

AmSteel International “PORTLANSTEEL” construction system is:


“PORTLANSTEEL” houses are modestly sized -- large enough for the homeowner family's needs, but small enough to keep construction and maintenance costs to a minimum.


AmSteel International uses quality, locally available building materials for finishing. Trained staff supervises house construction and educate local crews on the methods of construction. House designs reflect the local climate and culture.


The combination of using local labor, efficient building methods, modest house sizes, are just some of the reasons a “PORTLANSTEEL” house is affordable for low-income people around the world.

AmSteel Houses Around the World

From the tropical islands of the Philippines to the mountains of Peru, AmSteel builds houses designed for the local setting. With AmSteel affiliates (Somundy Enterprises) build with our panelized and quick build systems, reducing costs and making it easier for homeowners to maintain the houses. For example, houses in many African countries are constructed with standard sizes, metal roofs and fired clay brick as exterior finishes. Houses in Latin America often are finished with exterior cement stuccos and metal roofs, while houses in the Pacific are often finished with wood siding and are constructed on stilts.

People of different countries use their houses in different ways. AmSteel house designs reflect these cultural considerations. Meals are cooked outdoors in many African countries; there AmSteel plans call for a kitchen area outside the house rather than inside. In the Philippines, laundry and other chores traditionally are done on a small outdoor utility porch. Filipino AmSteel house designs reflect this custom.

AmSteel houses in developing countries are often considerably smaller than their North American counterparts. No matter where they are built, AmSteel house sizes always are designed to meet the homeowner families' needs while keeping costs as low as possible, thereby making the houses affordable to low-income families.

Global Housing

Shelter is one of the most basic needs of man. With the world's rising population, the need for permanent and emergency housing has reached its critical point.
It gives us great pleasure to share with the world our recent developments in “PORTLANDSTEEL” newly designed Panelized Home, a product created to meet the world-wide demand for disaster relief, temporary and permanent housing.
Our new technology will make semi-permanent shelters, easy to ship and assemble even with non-skilled labor.
With this information you will discover how we have developed a new concept for constructing emergency and affordable permanent housing throughout the world. In addition, we have developed a containerized system for shipping our homes.
Our design surpasses the strength of other temporary housing available today and the ability to maintain itself against most natural disasters.

AmSteel International offers affordable Steel Framing homes. We have various models ideally suited for every humanitarian building need. These models offer a unique combination of durability, safety, and efficiency. Their revolutionary new design is more economical and structurally sound than other designs on the market today.
Simple setup and finishing requires connecting to local utilities, installing additional appliance hook-ups, and finishing the work on the lot after the units are in place.

Rapid Panelized Kits are joined together quickly and easily by the use of self-tapping screws. A three-person crew can complete the panel erection of a standard 50sq/m. house in as little as one day and completely «dry-in» the home in as little as three days. AmSteel International house Kit panels also make inside finish work easier to complete. Combining shelter and economic development, AmSteel International is set to change the tradition bound construction industry in order to allow contractors and entrepreneurs to participate, be empowered and develop communities on a global basis. Quality Affordable Housing – a global solution to a global shortage
Amsteel International is committed to serving the people of the world by providing affordable, quality housing. We specialize in the design, financing, transportation, construction, and finishing of steel frame homes through our distributor and worldwide franchising organizations.
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