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International Construction consultant

Steel international consultant for development projects

AmSteel International offers state-of-the-art consulting, technical & operational assistance and training & management services backed by over 14 countries. AmSteel International has a unique track record of providing consultancy for smaller and bigger steel manufacturing units as well as industries which are closely connected to such activities. Besides, offering technological know-how. AmSteel International also offers a wide range of training programs including those involving development of skill and expertise in the related fields. Apart from training in the technical areas, AmSteel International also provides training related to Building Implementation of Quality Management System and various Management Development Programmes.

Design and Engineering Services

With a large pool of qualified and experienced Technologists and Engineers Internationally at its command, AmSteel International provides cost effective and time tested solutions in the field of Design & Engineering Services for the Steel Framing Industry.

Steel Framing in the Global Economy

Changing market conditions and uncertain global economy are driving steel producers to achieve more with the assets they have now. Capital investment dollars are increasingly limited, making it more important than ever to select the best projects, mitigate their risks, and execute them on time, on schedule. Environmental requirements are becoming more stringent in all areas of the world, demanding advanced control technology for Steel Framing plants. Steel Framing Projects everywhere are looking beyond local guidelines and regulations, aiming higher to achieve best-in-class environmental performance on a global scale. Operational performance grows in importance as the global economy ramps up. Successful Steel Framing Projects are set on greater production, driving down operating costs and producing the highest-quality Projects.
Amsteel International is committed to serving the people of the world by providing affordable, quality housing. We specialize in the design, financing, transportation, construction, and finishing of steel frame homes through our distributor and worldwide franchising organizations.
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