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Your complete software solution for cold-formed steel framing. Delivering accurate and efficient results, from detailing to production. Vertex BD is the leading cold-formed steel (light gauge steel) framing software for prefab, modular, residential and commercial construction. Vertex BD streamlines entire building process, from detailing to manufacturing. The Vertex BD BIM software is specifically designed for commercial and residential cold-formed steel frames and trusses; prefabricated wall, floor, ceiling and roof panels; bathroom pods and modular construction. Increase Speed & Accuracy Onsite Vertex BD technology automates the process of creating panel fabrication drawings in seconds, thanks to the software’s defined framing rules. This allows you to plan ahead and build more components offsite, increasing efficiency and keeping costs down during construction. Vertex BD automate the process of generating wall, floor, ceiling and roof panel fabrication drawings, structural layouts, cut lists, material reports and manufacturing data all from one BIM model.

Eliminate Manufacturing Errors

Vertex BD streamlines both the detailing and construction processes.
• The Vertex BD software creates material reports
• Architectural 2D plans and 3D models can be imported into Vertex BD from virtually any architectural software, streamlining the framing process and saving detailing time.

Does your own drawing office have too much work to take on important projects or are you a new off-site construction company but don’t have enough manpower to get started?

Amsteel International Inc. office is here to help you in these cases. With a proven track record of delivering we have worked on projects both ends of the scale including single storey residential housing, middle sized labor accommodation and large multi-storey commercial buildings.

• Full architectural and framing models
• Floor plans
• Building elevations
• Panel elevations
• Frame elevations
• Full bill of materials
• Cutting lists
• Global data for Somundy roll forming machinery

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We offer interactive, hands-on online and on-site training that accelerates your team’s ability to use Vertex BD. Training is always conducted by one of our expert software support engineers, and is private for each customer. The online sessions are scheduled at your convenience. Attendees join a GoToMeeting® session and each attendee needs a computer with a high-speed Internet connection. We also provide on-site training, as well as, training at our local offices. Contact us to learn more.

Smarter Software

Architectural Design
Architectural design of buildings. Includes drafting features, tools for creating building components, estimating materials and costs and producing drawings.

Framing & Detailing
Vertex BD automatically generates framing, panel fabrication drawings, cutting lists and material reports. Includes drafting features, tools for creating wall, floor, ceiling, and roof framing layouts, including truss layouts.

Truss Design & Engineering
Detailers and engineers can utilize the powerful functionality of Vertex Engineering to assist and enhance productivity throughout the course of their work.Engineering is based on real situations and any truss shape can be used. Available for Cold-Formed Steel Framing. All International standard codes.

Communicate your designs to internal or external teams with 3D models, 2D drawings, cutting lists and reports.

Amsteel International is committed to serving the people of the world by providing affordable, quality housing. We specialize in the design, financing, transportation, construction, and finishing of steel frame homes through our distributor and worldwide franchising organizations.
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