Amsteel International  

why build with steel?

The use of steel cannot prevent a natural disaster; however by using steel the damage they cause can be dramatically minimize. The inherent strength of steel along with the thousands of screw connections and/or fasteners provides a far higher level of security to you and your family during hurricanes and high winds. In North American, statistics show that the traditional wood used in framing structures is the third most commonly ignited material. The non-combustible properties of steel means that the framing material will not cause a fire, or add fuel to a fire once it has started. Steel also provides a direct path to the ground in case your home is struck by lightning, reducing the chances of explosions, secondary fires, and personal injury to you and your family.

Steel offers the highest strength to weight ratio of any residential framing material. This strength allows for the use of less material while framing a stronger home. The strength of steel makes it the material of choice in areas subject to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. A steel-framed home can be designed to withstand wind forces of 150 MPH (240 KPH) and can be further designed to meet and exceed code requirements regarding other types of natural disasters in any part of the world. Another way in which steel improves not only your homes strength but its value as well, is in the simple fact that Steel is impervious to termites and other wood boring insects, thus eliminating the structural damage that can be caused by these insects.

Energy Efficient
Steel is a very is dimensionally stable material. What this means is simply that the damage normally associated with the normal settling of a home such as cracks and gaps does not happen. Using steel also allows you to better insulate your home as compared to the use of concrete and brick so commonly used in many parts of Europe. All this means what ever energy you are you using to heat or cool your home is staying in your home and not escaping through the walls or air infiltrations and cracks and lowers the utility bills.

Environmentally Friendly
The Steel used by Amsteel International is composed of approximately 68% recycled material, and the little material that is wasted on the job site is 100% recyclable, making it an extremely environmentally friendly material. An average wood framed home of 2,000 square feet uses 50 to 60 old growth trees, whereas the same home built with steel uses 6 scrapped cars. Steel is recognized by The Healthy House Institute as the framing material of choice because it does not contain resins or other chemicals found in other framing materials.  In addition, steel does not out-gas as other materials do. Steel is the most recycled product on earth today.

Design Flexibility
The strength of steel allows for a greater flexibility in design and larger spans, creating more open floor plans. Remodeling when using steel is also much simpler due to the reduced need for interior load-bearing walls. Connections are made with screws/bolts and can easily be taken apart and reassembled allowing for home expansions or remodeling with far greater ease than any other material in use today.

Quality and Value
Unlike virtually all framing materials on the market today, steel will not warp, crack, twist, bow, rot, shrink, or swell. Every piece of steel used in your home is of the same quality which leads to tighter fits, increasing your home resistance to the elements and substantially less structural maintenance. This benefit means that your home retains it market value for a much longer time than those built with traditional type materials. In comparison to other construction/framing materials the price of steel has been extremely stable over the years making steel a more cost-effective method of building.