Amsteel International  

why choose Amsteel

We provide a simple to use, cost effective, service oriented way to use a high quality, recycled light gauge steel-framing product for your residential and light commercial work. Using a three-tiered approach to customer service, we currently provide a "One Stop Shop" to our customers. That service includes:

  • Light gauge steel engineering, fabrication and erection of custom buildings through our franchise organization. (Termo Steel). We can handle the entire process beginning with the construction permits all the way to building completion "key in hand".

  • We can train your personnel to erect our light gauge steel components “Termodular" panels or "Termodular" units.
    Both are a prefabricated method that will include our "cut to length" material list, components placement, drawings with material and use specifications for erection which represents the most cost effective building system in use. We can show you how to increase your profit levels in residential and light commercial work by using these light gauge steel structural framing systems.

  • Developing a Regional, National and International partnering program. This exciting program is ideal for the Entrepreneurial Construction Professional seeking a leading edge opportunity in the rapidly growing residential, light gauge steel market both nationally and internationally.

Amsteel International incorporates the latest techniques in steel framing production, including "Con Steel" (Clinching system). This connection system can generate savings of up to $23,000.00 per work station per year, by eliminating the huge demand for costly self drilling screws. Our framing guns have been developed specially for this industry, tested in this industry, "ConSteel" clinching equipment can now be find in many regions of the world.

Amsteel International can provide on site instruction in machine maintenance, work shop practice, construction techniques and framing design Termodular computer software. As the construction industry acknowledges the many benefits of steel, the potential for profitable ventures in this area is tremendous.