Amsteel International  

our team

The AMSTEEL INTERNATIONAL organization, using our knowledge and the experience garnered over 17 years of construction in both North America and Europe set up the world's first construction franchising organization. Thus, the TERMO STEEL franchise was launched with its first Master Franchisor starting operation in 1994 in Lisboa, Portugal.

AMSTEEL INTERNATIONAL has several departments, from which we able to quickly and efficiently assist our collaborating franchisees or any person interested in our modern construction system. Our team is composed of highly out going and energetic individuals who always available to help and assist and always on the look out for the next innovation in the construction industry and the best way to let our customers benefit from it. Our team of specialists are determined to provide both Franchisee's and the individual clients with the most efficient service possible, we achieve this by out-sourcing many aspects of the process to companies that have been specifically and thoroughly trained by us.