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Amsteel International is committed to serving the people of the world by providing affordable, quality housing. We specialize in the design, financing, transportation, construction, and finishing of steel frame homes through are distributor and worldwide franchising organizations. By blending the expertise of several unique disciplines through innovative management and highly qualified personnel, we have developed a quality product that answers the housing needs of many countries throughout the world.

Our objectives are to provide only the highest quality product and complete customer satisfaction. These goals are incorporated into everything we do, and are included in a comprehensive plan to deliver the very best housing product that is consistent with our standards of quality and the needs and resources of our customers. In short, we seek a level of customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations.

Such a commitment is possible through the total dedication of the entire Amsteel International team and is inherent in all aspects of our operations from the smallest detail of construction to the most complex challenges of project financing. In order to better serve our customers, we continually strive to improve our products and processes, using only the best contemporary materials and the most efficient procedures.

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